Puskesmas Sario Distributes Aid to Refugees Affected by Mount Ruang in Sitaro

"Colonel CHB Komara Manurung expresses gratitude for the assistance provided."

IDNEWS.CO, MANADO,- Puskesmas Sario took the time to assist the Victims of Mount Ruang Sitaro's eruption on Monday (06/5/2024) earlier this evening.

Located at the Binda North Sulawesi Post Office at Jalan Samratulangi Number 140, Aid in the form of Super Noodles and Eggs was directly handed over by the Head of the Community Health Center (Kapus), Dr. Jacob Pajan along with Staff of Personnel.

"This assistance may not be much, but our concern for the refugees from Sitaro. Hopefully they can accept it," said Dr. Jacob and directly received by the Head of Ops Binda Sulut, Colonel Chb. Komara Manurung.

He also said that almost all agencies according to the instructions of the Mayor, Andrey Angouw, could provide direct assistance, at least to alleviate the burden of Sitaro residents affected by the volcanic disaster.

"The Mayor is very concerned about this disaster so that personally every employee has become obliged to participate by setting aside some blessings," said Pajan.

While adding again mentally and psychologically certainly influence when facing disaster, but believe that behind it all there is God's most beautiful plan.

"God will not burden every servant with a burden but trials that come there must be the best wisdom," he explained.

Meanwhile, the Head of Operations of the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) in North Sulawesi, Colonel CHB, Komara Manurung, expressed deep gratitude for the assistance given to the staff and medical personnel.

"On behalf of the leadership, we highly appreciate the provision of assistance as an expression of gratitude, especially Dr. Jacob as the Head of Puskesmas Sario and his staff," said Manurung.

He also added again that later all aid would soon be distributed to refugee locations, both to Bitung and parts of Manado and Siau.

"Because they are mostly already here so the distribution is easy, efforts before the 8th must distribute all aid so that the stock keeps running," concluded Manurung.

(Yudi Barik)

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