Digitalization Awareness, First Step Towards SME Advancement in Manado

 "Mayor of Manado Urges Youth Not to Lag Behind in Digitalization".

IDNEWS.CO, MANADO, - The City Government (Pemkot) of Manado, through the Department of Industry and Trade (Disperindag), held a socialization event on how to prepare the profile of SMEs and the use of digital market services at the Hotel Granpuri on Wednesday (01/11/24).

Mayor of Manado Andrei Angouw, through Deputy Mayor Dr. Richard Sualang, opened the event and expressed gratitude on behalf of the City Government of Manado, stating that Disperindag of the City of Manado is providing more knowledge and tips for everyone on how to face the globally digitalized world.

"And of course, we, the City Government of Manado, do not want our younger generation to be left behind or untouched by digitalization in various fields, including the development of SMEs," said the Deputy Mayor.

Previously, the Head of the Department of Industry and Trade of the City of Manado, Hendrik Waroka, mentioned that this event was initiated through the collaboration between the City Government of Manado and the digital technology enthusiasts in the City of Manado.

"All the participants here are the best choices brought together in an event that will have an impact on the City of Manado, especially for the development promoted by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Manado," said Waroka.

Furthermore, Waroka emphasized that this event is expected to be carried out continuously, not ending today.

"We have taken various steps to ensure that this event truly encourages entrepreneurship for young entrepreneurs or millennial entrepreneurship, so that technology benefits us as users and those who will benefit from it," Waroka explained.

Special staff members of the mayor, Jeffry Polii, Andre Mongdong, Acindra Kapita, and others served as speakers, and millennials were also present. (Yudi barik)

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