Manado City, a Developing Tourist Destination with Diverse Attractions

 "The Manado City government, through the tourism department, is implementing an appealing tourism concept."

The Head of Manado Tourism, Esther Mamangkey, (special photo)

IDNEWS.CO, MANADO - Manado is a tourist destination city, and the government is continuously developing various areas for both international and domestic tourists to enjoy recreational locations.

Through the Tourism Department, the city government is designing several areas as tourist destinations, with the commitment to attract tourists from abroad and within the country.

The presence of Malalayang Beach Walk (MBW), Mount Tumpa, Bunaken Island, Taman Kesatuan Bangsa (TKB), and Boulevard On Bisnis (BOB), along with Mayor of Manado, Andrei Angouw's efforts to develop pedestrian walkways along Boulevard, has created places for visitors to relax.

Manado Tourism Area, (special photo)

Not only that, the presence of the Adventure Thematic Market in the Tongkaina area is expected to be a unique attraction, with a variety of goods and souvenirs for sale, allowing tourists to explore the local products.

Moreover, as Manado is located along the coastline, from Malalayang to the tip of Tongkaina, the sea view complements the tourist areas.

Similarly, in the mega malls and entertainment areas of Manado, there are various culinary options, and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the sunset by the seaside makes for a comfortable vacation.

Manado Tourism Area, (special photo)

Cruise ships circling the coastal areas add to the experience, allowing tourists to enjoy the gentle sea breeze.

Esther Tryfosa Juliana Mamangkey, Head of the Manado Tourism Department, expressed that visitors will enjoy staying longer to witness and experience Manado's progress as the capital of North Sulawesi province.

"Mayor Andrei Angouw is very committed to enhancing the concept of tourism, making various places more attractive," she said in a recent interview.

Sam Ratulangi Airport in Manado, (special photo)

Esther, affectionately known as Bunda Esther, also explained that her department has trained numerous tourism entrepreneurs to compete by creating creative ideas, making their products more appealing to tourists.

"Similarly, public toilet cleaners need proper training to work professionally. Dealing with such work requires patience and precision," Esther added.

Furthermore, she emphasized that the key factor in supporting the tourism industry is the airport. Therefore, the Tourism Department collaborates with PT. Angkasa Pura Samratulangi Airport.

        Manado Tourism Area, (special photo)

One of the cooperation programs, through an MOU, involves the use of a promotion building by several cities and regencies in North Sulawesi.

"Manado itself serves as the main gateway and the first impression when arriving by air. Thus, our Tourism Department is managing the promotion building, providing information about tourist attractions and using videotron screens," Esther explained.

She also added that there are three crucial aspects in the planning of tourism development, abbreviated as 3A (attraction, amenities, accessibility).

The 3A aspects are the minimum requirements for developing a tourist destination. Each tourist destination has its uniqueness and characteristics that attract many people to visit.

"On the other hand, amenities and accessibility are key to the sustainability of tourists' experiences. These three factors play a significant role in creating a comfortable and enjoyable tourist experience," Esther concluded.

(Yudi Barik)

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